My primary reasons for creating this blog are to share (in order of importance and most likely frequency): 1) what I cook; 2) what I read/watch; and 3) some opinions and random comments on being an ex-pat in Germany.

I currently read (follow?) a few blogs. The one I read religiously (i.e. every day) is Coronation Street Blog. But I also read a range of others on various topics: cooking, wine, book reviews, German ex-pats, fashion/lifestyle (shock horror), the German language, and a few on teaching as a second/foreign language. As time goes by I may post some of those links.

My number one hesitation in doing this is the amount of personal information I want to share with ‘the world.’ My intended audience is mostly close friends and family and you will not see me posting a great deal of personal details.

Stay tuned!


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