Peanut Soup

Amidst Royal weddings, Canadian elections, and international man-hunts, a little comfort food…..

Like most people I suspect, what I choose to cook can be a very random process. Sometimes I have something specific in my mind, but even more frequently, I stumble upon something and it inspires me. That was definitely the case for the subject of this post: Senegalese Peanut Soup. The recipe comes from the lovely blog The Traveler’s Lunchbox, which is just as aesthetically pleasing as it is gastronomically! It’s written by an American ex-pat (who currently happens to be living in Germany). The recipes are very multicultural and interesting, and they come with delightful personal write-ups. Please do check it out.

This soup is delicious and not difficult to make. It’s also very versatile as well. Like the original blog post mentions, its ingredients can be very easily modified to personal preferences. I did do a bit of substitution– I didn’t have any chilies, so used a teaspoon of red Thai curry paste in addition to the curry powder. Some cooks might balk at the idea but I think it added a great kick! I also didn’t have any spinach (I don’t find it as easy to find or plentiful here), so omitted that. The recipe also calls for fresh coriander, but I couldn’t find that, so used (shock horror) dried!

We served it over couscous, but it would work well with rice or on its own. One important note: The recipe says that the soup gets better with time, and I really must agree with this. I let it sit and cool and within an hour the soup tasted 100x better — much more flavourful. So if you make it and think it’s lacking in flavour, let it rest and taste again.

The picture unfortunately isn’t an accurate representation of the soup’s texture — it looks thick and lumpy. This is because the bowls aren’t deep, and the couscous took up a lot of “space” at the bottom of the bowl. Lesson learned! I promise you, bad picture aside, that it is a delicious soup and well worth making.

Senegalese Peanut Soup

3 thoughts on “Peanut Soup

  1. Karin 06/05/2011 / 3:13 pm

    OMG you crazy cooking bee!!!!! Cannot believe how much you’ve made (and posted!) – all looks awesome. Errr, do you want a new job as our chef??? 😀 😀 xx

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