Oatmeal M&M Cookies

My sister recently visited us for a week. Being quite busy with sightseeing, entertaining, and work obligations, I didn’t have a lot of time to try new recipes. I did, one evening, however, make these cookies. I was looking for a sweet treat and something quick to make. I found the recipe on a blog I have recently discovered called 101 Cookbooks. I liked it because of the incorporation of oats, which I already had in the house. Instead of using chocolate chips (which are nowhere to be found in my local supermarket! :(), I used M&Ms.

I made the cookies in two batches. The first batch was lovely; the second was left in a little too long (a result of me trying to make pizza dough, cookies, and granola all at the same time). This resulted in a few burnt ones and just a less-pleasing all-round texture (i.e. they were harder). This is a common mistake of mine: I do not (yet?!) consider myself to be a good baker and frequently leave things in too long. Despite the hardness, they were very tasty and were gobbled up by both visitor and Bewohner within a few days.


2 thoughts on “Oatmeal M&M Cookies

  1. The Bear 30/05/2011 / 6:50 pm

    Pretty sure that I ate 90% of those cookies…. :S YUM

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