Food Survey

Found this randomly (well, through the WordPress Tag Surfer) and decided to do it.

A is for Apple: What’s your favorite variety?
The MacIntosh – which also happens to be Canada’s official national apple.

B is for Bread: Regardless of nutrition, what is your favorite type?
Ooh I love bread: French baguette sticks, my dad’s homemade bread, focaccia, Naan bread, the list goes on…

C is for Cereal: What is your favorite kind currently?
Homemade granola! With plain yogurt. I am addicted.

D is for Donuts: You might not currently eat them, but what kind do you fancy?
I am not a big donut person but I do like the ones with sprinkles on them from Tim Hortons!

E is for Eggs: How would you like yours prepared?
Scrambled, always. Or an omelette.

F is for Fat Free: What is your favorite fat free product?
Oh hell. Milk I guess.

G is for Groceries: Where do you purchase yours?
Mostly the local supermarket. Occasionally Aldi, Lidl, Norma, the Asian store, or the market.

H: is for Hot Beverages: What is your favorite hot drink?
Coffee (black, strong), or a nice latte. Plus I also love Rooibos tea.

I is for Ice Cream: Pick a favorite flavor and add a fun topping.
Vanilla with… M&Ms.

J is for Jams or Jellies: Do you eat them? If so, what kind and flavor?
Yes. My absolutely favourite is Sandy Cove raspberry jam.

K is for Kashi: Name your favorite Kashi product?
Am struggling to remember this brand but I do remember eating Kashi granola in Montreal so I will say that.

L is for Lunch: What was yours today?
A fruit smoothie and a bit of kisir.

M is for microwave: What is your favorite microwave meal/snack?
I honestly don’t have one. We only recently got a microwave and have barely used it.

N is for nutrients: Do you likes carbs, fats, or proteins best?
I like them all!

O is for oil: What kind do you like to use?
Olive and sunflower; occasionally sesame. I got a book for Christmas on cooking with oil and vinegar – when I have more money, I really want to experiment more with different oils.

P is for protein: How do you get yours?
Chicken, red meat, eggs, some fish (not enough), some tofu, etc etc etc.

Q is for Quaker: How do you like your oats?
Plain, with yogurt and honey.

R is for roasting: What is your favorite thing to roast?

S is for sandwich: What’s your favorite kind?
Mozzarella, arugula, tomato. Ham & cheese. Chicken Caesar wrap.

T is for travel: How do you handle eating while traveling?
Eat the local food (and drink the local wine) as much as possible. Try to avoid typically tourist places, etc.

U is for unique: What is one of your weirdest food combos?
Is it lame that I can’t think of an answer?

V is for vitamins: What kind do you take?
Multi-vitamin and Vit C on occasion.

W is for wasabi: Yay or nay?

X is XRAY: If we xrayed your belly right now, what food would we see?
Haha – coffee, yogurt, granola, tea, smoothie, bulgur, and possibly a glass of Merlot.

Y is for youth: What food reminds you of your childhood?
My grandmother’s shortbread cookies and my mum’s casseroles.

Z is for zucchini: How do you prepare it?
Cannot say I have ever eaten or cooked a lot of zucchini, but I do like it both raw and baked on pizzas.


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