One Hundred Almond Curry

I’ve had this recipe bookmarked for a while, ever since I saw it on The Traveler’s Lunch Box blog. It did not disappoint! This curry is a Parsi dish — a mix between Indian and Persian origins — and it is very tasty. (For more information, read the background and find the recipe here).

The curry is a two-step process. First, you make the masala paste. The ingredient list looked a bit intimidating, but on closer inspection I realized I had most of it, albeit in slightly different forms than it suggests (crushed & dried rather than whole). I left out the poppy seeds and cardamom because I didn’t have them (and I made this on a Sunday so buying ingredients was impossible). Once the paste is made (I used a regular blender), you mix it with a bit of oil, coconut milk in the wok, eventually adding the chicken. The whole thing simmers for about 45 minutes before you add the tamarind paste and a bit of sugar, and voila, it’s ready!

The taste is superb — it’s creamy and slightly sweet-sour. The texture is also great – the paste wasn’t completely pureed and so it had a slightly gritty (good gritty!) texture with the almonds. We had enough paste left over to make it a second time a week later (be careful if you’re only cooking for a small number of people as the original recipe is quite large). The only thing I will change in future is the almonds — I’ll think I’ll toast them as I love toasted almonds and I think it’ll make it even tastier.

100 Almond Curry!

PS: British food week at Lidl starts on Thursday, so expect recipes featuring (my beloved) cheddar cheese coming soon!


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