Artichoke Hummus

Our recent trip to Italy has really peaked my interest in Italian cuisine. I’ve always liked it, but now I want to dig deeper. Italy, like many countries, is very regional when it comes to food, but that is part of the allure, in my opinion anyway! I feel that authentic Italian is so often bastardized outside of Italy (let’s be honest, all cuisines are outside of their home territory). One example: my Roman friend, who we saw while we were there, said that we should try pasta alla carbonara, as you won’t find any cream in the real version.

Obviously, hummus isn’t Italian, but artichokes were all over the menus in Rome. Caravaggio himself was arrested in 1604 for throwing a plate of artichokes at a waiter! Unfortunately, fresh artichoke season is in the winter, and so I missed sampling some of the delicious dishes while I was there. I’m now determined, however, to incorporate them more into my cooking.

I LOVE both artichokes and hummus, and so this looked like the perfect combination. The recipe is adapted from the one here. I only made half of it because I wanted to do a trial run. The taste was excellent, but the texture was a bit thin. I normally add a bit of the chickpea juice in, but next time I’ll be more careful. The result is a punchier-tasting hummus, and very delicious.

Once again, hummus is difficult to photograph

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