Carrot Soup

Since Germany still can’t decide whether it’s summer or not 😉 , I’m still making soup. I like having a soup in the fridge that you can heat up quickly for lunches. I’m therefore always on the lookout for easy and healthy soups, and this one fit the bill. The recipe can be found here. It’s from a blog that features a lot of delicious-looking Lebanese dishes, more of which I hope to try in the near future.

My soup definitely did not turn out like the photo on the original site! It was rather thick, and I put that down to either not enough water, or too many carrots. I actually used fewer carrots than the recipe suggested, but it was still too many. I also did not have fresh coriander, which definitely took away from the taste. I tried to make my own labneh, but that wasn’t very successful (heavy yogurt + coffee filters not designed to hold that weight = messy). I eventually ended up using plain, unfiltered (and thus more watery) yogurt. That being said, the soup’s taste did not disappoint. It’s subtle but flavourful, and it does make for a nice lunch or part of a meal.

Lots of carrots


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