Baked Ziti? Baked something.

This post is something that I tried to recreate after eating it in Rome… It was late Sunday night, and we’d just come from having an aperitif with my friend Tom. He recommended this place to us; it was in Monti, quite close to our hotel, and it was also on my list of ideas/recommendations that I’d compiled before we left (most of them taken from this great blog). Apparently it’s a place that celebrities such as George Clooney and Robert DeNiro have frequented! Anyway, we walked in and in very broken Italian said that we’d like a table for two — due, per favore (side note: Italian seems much easier to learn than German! Haha. Something we both remarked, I have to say). The owner came over to us and explained in English that because it was so late, only the daily special was still on offer. That was okay with us. We each ordered a glass of house red, which was delicious, and waited for our meal. We didn’t wait long, and what appeared was quite possibly the tastiest pasta dish I’ve ever eaten! It was baked meat, vegetables, and long penne-type pasta (but two or three times the length of penne) in a delicious sauce. For the first five minutes we just ate and ate and commented on how good it was — surely a good sign! When our bill came, there was no description of the dish, and so I was never able to find out what it was called.

I really wanted to try to recreate what we’d eaten, but without knowing the name of it I couldn’t find a recipe easily. We ended up loosely basing it on ones found here and here, as this is the closest thing I could find.

We made our own pasta, something I’d never done before. It was rather ambitious and took a LOT longer than we anticipated, but I think it was worth it for the taste (though most of the noodles were too thick — definitely an experimental first try). I’m glad we tried this – it was not a difficult recipe, and it was very tasty. It didn’t taste as good as the dish we had in Rome, but in the end I guess I never really expected it to!

The noodles, waiting to be cooked!

Finished product. Messy but delicious!


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