Parmesan & Thyme Crackers

I’ve spent the past week marking exams, essays, and projects. I’m on a (self-imposed) strict deadline, so the work is long, concentrated, and often dull. In an effort to keep sane, the marking is of course broken up by slightly more relaxing activities — cooking/baking of course being one of them. Last Sunday morning, I wanted to try something new. Lacking anything in the house to eat with my hummus, I decided to try these crackers. The recipe comes from this book, which I borrowed from a friend a little while ago.

I’d never made crackers before and for some reason thought it would be rather simple. They took a lot longer than I anticipated. Once the initial dough is made, you have to cut it in two and then roll each piece out very thinly and bake it for 10-12 minutes. I ended up having to do them in four batches instead of the two the recipe suggested because they wouldn’t fit onto my baking sheet.

The crackers were tasty and, erm, rather popular. They were gone very quickly, but I did manage to take a quick snap:

I don’t think the crackers are something I will make again as they were very time-consuming. In order to be worth it I’d have to double or triple the batch.


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