Disastrous Chocolate Chip Cookies

For some reason, cookies don’t seem to be my thing. They never turn out well. I’ve broiled them by accident, baked them too long, they’re too sweet . . . the list continues.

I made these last week. I was trying to do a good deed. I wanted to make chocolate chip cookies for a friend who’s 4 months pregnant. The recipe comes from River Cottage Everyday and it’s ironically (in my case anyway) called 10 minute chocolate chip cookies (read: easy).

It was doomed from the beginning. I knew I didn’t have enough sugar in the flat, but was relying on the stuff my boyfriend’s parents left behind the last time they were here. The only problem — they were sugar CUBES, which I obviously didn’t realize until I was already underway. A classic lesson of make sure you have all ingredients before you start to bake. Of course, the first step is to melt the butter and then mix it with the sugar. It took a while to dissolve the cubes (finally managed using a handheld mixer).

I also doubled the recipe, as the initial one says it makes 14-16 cookies and I didn’t think that was enough. The end result was cookies that were VERY, VERY sweet. So sweet in fact that I could not even eat one, since it made me feel ill! I put it down to the sugar cubes, and I might’ve mixed up the proportions slightly when I doubled it. Lesson learned, never again.

I gave my friend a few in a little bag (with a warning) and she said she ate them, and somehow the rest mysteriously disappeared (!), but these cookies were not for me! I will make them again sometime to try the recipe with the proper ingredients and without doubling it. I have no doubt that they’re probably very good cookies…. mein fehler.

They might look good, but appearances can be deceiving! 😉


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