Chocolate Banana Muffins

I’d seen these online some time ago and decided to make them on a whim last week. We took half of them with us on our Cape Breton roadtrip (more to come on that). Muffins transport well!

This is a Nigella Lawson recipe and can be found here. I like Nigella, but she is not my favourite cook. I find many of her recipes, particularly the baking ones, to be indulgent and thus not too healthy. Everything in moderation I guess.

The best thing about making this was that I had all ingredients on hand: three frozen bananas in the freezer plus everything else (BROWN sugar included!). That hardly ever happens to me; often I need to buy the ingredients specifically, but cooking in my parents’ more ‘adult’ stocked kitchen was a different story.

The recipe is fairly straightforward. For once I did not make any substitutions or major changes to the recipe. Unlike many banana muffins with chocolate, this one features cocoa powder and not chips or chunks. It’s definitely a more subtle chocolate taste, but it still makes for delicious muffins.


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