Lobster Spaghetti

I’m writing this post (and the few that will follow it) from a little fishing village on Digby Neck, Nova Scotia. It’s where I spent a fair bit of time as a child in the summers and where my aunt Jen now lives permanently. We’re fortunate to have the use of an entire house to ourselves here, so it’s very peaceful and relaxing.

This past Labour Day weekend, I had friends visiting from Montreal, and we were lucky enough to have lobster on Saturday night. Lobster is in my top 5 favourite foods, and here we’re able to get it directly from the fishermen out of the ocean and eat it the same day. It was delicious! There was a lot leftover, so the next night we decided to make a lobster pasta dish. It was very simple: we heated olive oil, fresh herbs and tomatoes from my aunt & uncle’s garden, and salt & pepper together to form a sauce, and then drizzled it over the cooked pasta and lobster. Yum! The sauce was light enough not to disguise the taste of the lobster. The best part of this is that aside from the pasta, everything was local.


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