Pizza, part 2

Making pizza is something that we do fairly frequently. I’d gotten into a routine of always using the same pizza dough recipe (see here), and I decided it was time for a switch-up. First of all, the last few times we made the dough, it just wasn’t working — the dough wasn’t rising as well as it had before. Secondly, it’s good to keep trying new things and experimenting.

I decided to use a recipe from a blog I’ve come to really enjoy. It’s written by an American expat in Rome, and there’s all kinds of great stuff, food and otherwise, featured. It’s an authentic Italian recipe. This dough was much more successful, and was very tasty. For toppings, we used tomato sauce, tomatoes, mushrooms, basil, olives, and cheddar cheese. Sometime I will try the way in the original recipe as well, with olive oil as a base instead of tomato sauce.

NB: Transatlantic flight tomorrow, so the last Nova Scotia updates will be written from Deutschland.


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