Sundried Tomato Stuffed Mushrooms

(Hi again from Germany)

In one word: YUM.

Story: On one of our last nights in Sandy Cove, I offered to cook supper for my aunt and uncle and two very good friends of theirs (and ours). I made these stuffed mushrooms as an appetizer, and they were delicious! They’re easy to make as well. You roast the mushrooms, cap down, for 10 minutes or so (until water puddles form beneath them). While roasting, you prepare the filling, which is sundried tomatos, bread crumbs, garlic, shallots, mushroom stems, oil, one egg yolk, and some spices, and top with Parmesan. You then pop them back in the oven, and serve when the cheese is melted. They are very dependable (I made them for a BBQ a week after) and a real crowd-pleaser! (Crowds who like mushrooms, that is).

Post-oven — I couldn’t snap a picture fast enough!

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