Favourites – September 2011

Another month has absolutely flown by, so here we go with my favourites for September ’11.

–Nova Scotia! It’s an obvious one, but true, and leaving home was very difficult after 6 weeks.

–These blogs: Halifornia (style/fashion/photography/lifestyle); The Pioneer Woman (cooking, homemaking); House & Home magazine’s blog (obvious); David Lebovitz (American chef/writer in Paris). Also, links to friends who’ve recently set up sites: RandBeauty and Life Planning and Lattes.

The Bicycle Thief, a new(-ish) restaurant in Halifax. Had a delicious lunch there.

HGTV. I could watch Sarah Richardson all day long. Sadly, because of geo-blocking, I can’t.

–New (to me) music: Mumford and Sons and Foster the People (can’t find a video for them as they’re ALL blocked on Youtube). My friend Jess gives the best music recommendations!

–Books: Fall and Rebecca (surprised by how much I enjoyed the latter). Coincidentally, both female names of strong characters (Fall in this case short for Fallon).

The Top 50 Documentaries, according to the NYT.

–The Amazon Kindle. I never thought I would want an e-reader (and I still have reservations), but I am really looking forward to being able to access a much wider range of English books, and hopefully a big section of Canadian literature as well (which I miss terribly).


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