Thanksgiving Report

A little over a week ago, I posted about our Thanksgiving menu. Now here’s a report on how it all turned out!

Starter: Goat Cheese Biscuits with Olive Tapenade
I’d had the recipe bookmarked for quite some time, and while menu planning thought they’d be a great addition to our meal. The actual biscuits are tasty and very easy to make (although I adjusted the method a bit due to time constraints by making them more of a “drop and flatten” biscuit rather than a rolled one). However, if I make these again, it will be without the tapenade. It was WAY too salty. I knew it would be salty when I read the ingredients — anchovies, olives, and capers — but I hoped it wouldn’t be too overpowering. Unfortunately, it was.

Main: Turkey & Veggies
Aside from the turkey being finished about 45 minutes earlier than expected (= disaster for someone who had everything planned down to the half-hour!), everything went well. The potatoes & carrots were seasoned and roasted to perfection, and very tasty. The turkey wasn’t as moist as I would’ve liked, but for a first turkey experience, I think it was ok.
Stuffing and Gravy
I am generally not a stuffing person, but I have to say that this stuffing was extremely good. The mushrooms and hazelnuts really added to its texture. I made it in advance and then re-heated, and it was delicious, especially with the gravy. For the gravy I used a family recipe that consisted of turkey juices and trimmings, flour, white wine, water, and salt and pepper.

Dessert: Apple and Walnut Crumble
This is a River Cottage recipe and comes from my River Cottage Everyday cookbook. I wanted something that was fruit-based, not too sweet, and would keep for the next day. This was a perfect dessert. It was very easy to make (peeling and cutting the apples was the most labourious part) and very tasty. The base is apples and walnuts and the top is oats, crushed almonds, sugar, flour, and butter (I used margarine). I was concerned that it would be too dry, but it turned out fine (we had it with schlagsahne , a non-sweet whipped cream). The recipe is available online here.


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