Mushroom & White Cheddar “Tartlet”

Like my previous tomato soup post, this recipe also comes from Fresh and Local by Canadian chef Craig Flinn. Since I love mushrooms and had some frozen leftover cheddar cheese from Lidl’s last British week, I thought I’d make it.

I put the tartlet in quotation marks in the post title because I changed this recipe in a pretty major way. The recipe calls for a puff pastry base, but I used pizza dough(!). I could’ve made a puff pastry but I quite honestly didn’t want to, and buying was out of the questions since 1)it was a Sunday and 2)I’ve never seen pre-prepared puff pastry crusts here (although I’m told they do exist). So, it really was more like a Flammkuchen or mushroom pizza. I will make it again using a puff pasty because although it was really tasty I think it would be even better in its original form.

Making this on the weekend is fine, but I wouldn’t recommend it for a quick weekday meal as it’s rather labourious. In my case, I made the dough, sauteed the mushrooms, made the sauce bianco, assembled the tart, and then baked it for ~15 minutes.

Apologies for the lack of photo (again). I am very picky with my photographs and find it the most challenging part of this whole process!


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