Lemon & Olive Quinoa Cakes

First of all, Happy November!

I’d seen a lot of recipes recently featuring quinoa and was eager to try something new. Weirdly enough, I managed to find quinoa not at our local supermarket, but at the drug store where they have a lot of organic grain products. I saw the recipe on Joy the Baker, and it seemed like something good to start off with.

The ‘cakes’ are easy to put together and fry as per the directions in the recipe. I knew I had to wash the quinoa (see why here), but obviously I didn’t rinse it well enough because the cakes still had a very slight bitter taste. I followed the recipe but omitted the onions (don’t like them) and parsley (didn’t have any). I’d rate the result a 6/10. Other than the bitterness problem, they just didn’t have as much taste as I was expecting (could’ve been the ingredients I left out!). I also found them a bit dry, and put a bit of lemon juice or salad dressing on them to moisten them up.

The batch is huge — more than enough for two people for two meals.

Quinoa cakes with spinach salad


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