Baked Tomato Risotto

Traditionally, in Italy, risotto is meant to be eaten in winter. As a filling and heavier dish, it’s perfectly suited to colder weather. When I saw the recipe (from Chatelaine magazine, as in my previous post), it instantly appealed to me — I love tomatoes, and I wanted to experiment with baked risottos.

This was easy to make, extremely tasty, and is definitely something I will make again. Its preparation method at the beginning is very similar to that of a normal risotto, but then you transfer it to the oven after it’s ‘absorbed’ the initial liquid. I made a few changes: I left out the spinach since I didn’t have any, I substituted the goat’s cheese for feta, and I used regular tomatoes instead of canned (and made up the liquid difference by adding a little white wine). The acidity of the tomatoes works perfectly with the rice and I have to say this is my favourite risotto yet.

Tomatoes and rice simmering, pre-oven
Finished product

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