Steak with ‘Meaty’ Mushroom Sauce

First of all, Happy December! Only 23 days till Christmas.

My first post for this month is a yummy mushroom sauce that can be used on or with a variety of dishes, but H. and I had it with steak, which we both love. We don’t buy it often so when we do it is a treat. I have the fondest memories of the way my grandmother used to prepare it — the best, most tender steak I’ve ever had.

This recipe comes from Jamie Oliver’s most recent book, 30 Minute Meals, which a colleague lent to me. I went through and flagged elements of certain ‘meals’ that I wanted to try, and this mushroom sauce was one of them.

It’s easy to make (only takes roughly 10-15 minutes). I changed a few things in the recipe due to personal preferences and elements I didn’t have, but it was still delicious. The steps are as follows: 1) Fry about 4 pieces of bacon with a few sprigs of rosemary; 2) Add about ~10 sliced button mushrooms and a pinch of pepper (it also called for pork kidney at this point, which needless to say I skipped — I didn’t miss it); 3) Add a ‘swig’ (using Jamie’s words, not mine) of wine — his called for Marsala, which I didn’t have, so I just added a bit of the red I had — and 150ml cream; 4) stir and eat. I also ended up adding a bit of cornstarch to thicken it up slightly.

We had the steak with a few roast potatoes and vegetables. Lecker.


One thought on “Steak with ‘Meaty’ Mushroom Sauce

  1. KM I 02/12/2011 / 6:18 pm

    Excellent pic. Must try this.

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