Apple & Oatmeal Muffins

I had made apple pie and H. had made two apple ‘cakes’ (his mum’s recipe), but we still had TONS of apples leftover from the in-laws’ apple dump in October. When I spotted this recipe on a blog I follow, I thought it looked perfect. There was only one problem — I didn’t have a muffin tin here yet! It was something that I kept meaning to buy, but kept forgetting. So when I saw this recipe, I used it as an excuse to buy one.

I followed the recipe quite closely, with a few exceptions: I added a wee bit more flour than it called for, as the mixture looked very soupy, and I also only put a tablespoon of sugar in the entire mix (the apples + apple sauce were sweet enough). The muffins tasted great, but their texture was a bit odd because of the composition of ingredients (i.e. not butter and flour laden). They were a bit ‘wet’, but I didn’t mind it.


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