Fish in Thai Green Curry

It’s strange that this blog has featured so little seafood, since it’s one of my absolute favourite things to eat. The reason is that I don’t buy much of it here. It tends to be expensive (for the kind of quality I want), and the selection of fresh stuff isn’t what I am used to.

I modified a seafood curry to one with just fish. This curry is very similar to chicken in Thai green curry (it’s from the same cookbook). The prep method and ingredients are almost exactly the same: heat 1 cup (~250mL) coconut milk in pan, add a tablespoon of green curry paste, simmer, add chopped up fish + 2nd cup of coconut milk + 1 cup water, simmer, add fish sauce and sugar, and basil, and serve.

I’ll be honest: I prefer the chicken version of this. If I’d had more and varied seafood (the original calls for mussels and shrimp), I think it would’ve been better. Nevertheless, you can’t really go wrong with this meal. It’s so easy to make and both delicious and filling.


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