“Pizza” Soup

The lull in posts can be explained by a whirlwind trip to Canada: Toronto, specifically. It was a ‘trip with a purpose,’ and we had an absolutely lovely time, thanks in large part due to our generous hosts and then seeing my parents the second weekend we were there. Now we’re back, and with three weeks of the semester left to go, plus a massive mountain of correcting ahead of me, I foresee a lot of cooking in the near future.

This is a soup that I made earlier this month. I’ve put the pizza in quotations, as this is essenitally a glorified tomato soup. The recipe is another from one of my favourite Canadian chefs, Michael Smith. It’s an easy soup that can be whipped up quickly, and it’s also very versatile in terms of customizing (which Smith encourages people to do). For mine, I added wurst and mushrooms in addition to the canned tomatoes, but you could really add anything. I omitted the pizza-like ‘topping’ — toasted bread and melted cheese — that the recipe called for. I was initially a bit skeptical, but this soup was very tasty. It’s not something I would make all the time, but it was fun to try, delicious, and lasted us several lunches.


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