Spicy Curry Soup (my 100th post)

This recipe comes from the free magazine that you get at the LCBO, Ontario’s liquor stores — haha. After buying some wine for our generous hosts (ok, and ourselves) for our week in Toronto, I picked it up on the way out. I then had a few hours to kill and read the magazine, warming myself up with a nice latte, at a coffee shop. I was surprised at the quality of the recipes (a lot of them come from one of my favourite Canadian chefs, Lucy Waverman).

I decided to try this one out as an experimental starter when our friends came round last weekend. The base of the soup is coconut milk and vegetable stock, and the main ingredient is sweet potato. Here’s how to make it:

  1. Heat 1 tbsp oil (I used sunflower) in a pot; add in ~6 cloves garlic, 1 tbsp ginger, and lemongrass (didn’t have any, so used a bit of lemon juice). Stir in 3 tbsp curry paste (I would personally only add 1 or 1.5, reason below) and 1 tbsp ground turmeric.
  2. Add 3 medium sweet potatoes (chopped), 1 peeled banana (yes, really), 750 mL stock, and 1 can coconut milk. Simmer for 20 mins or until potatoes are tender.
  3. Blend soup.

The recipe also included a (spicy!) cilantro-coconut pesto, but due to time restraints I chose not to make it. Plus, I thought it had enough spice already…

I tried the soup before I served it to the guests and thankfully I did, because it was WAY too hot (scharf for my German friends*) — completely overpowering. To correct it, I added another can of coconut milk and about a cup of water (~250ml). For that reason I recommend going with a milder curry paste (I used red, which is with it called for), or less of it (1 or 1.5 instead of 3 tbsps). It was still on the spicy side, so I served it with some plain yogurt on the side.

It’s the second time in a row without a photo. I did take photos of the soup, but unfortunately none of them are in focus…

*In German there is a word for hot meaning hot temperature (heiß) and another one meaning hot as in spicy (scharf). Much easier!


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