(one type of) Chili

Last week, I was craving chili. I wasn’t able to locate a good recipe in any of my cookbooks, so I found this one online.

I did make a few changes: I used ground beef instead of beef chucks and chili flakes instead of powder. The recipe calls for 2 hours of simmering, and I am glad I started this process early enough to allow for that. When I first tasted it after only 30 minutes, it was very bland, but the flavours really developed and the end result was very tasty.

Whether or not this chili is “authentic” or not is not really of interest to me. Some recipes have beans and some don’t. On an episode of Top Chef this season, they said that authentic chili doesn’t have beans. Ah well. I had a can that I had to use up anyway, and since I really like my chili with beans, I looked for a recipe that featured them. (Sidenote: for an interesting discussion on authenticity in Italian cooking, see this piece from the Atlantic).


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