Simple Tomato Soup

Well, it’s been over a year (March 10th) since I created this blog. In the past year I have made over 100 posts, and I’m still enjoying myself, so here’s to 100 more.

Now onto the subject of this post:

I found the recipe for this soup via one of my favourite blogs and sources of cooking inspiration, 101 Cookbooks.

It is a very straightforward, easy soup to make. Its base is two large cans of tomatoes, 1.5L water*, curry powder, spices, and coconut milk. I was initially intrigued by it because of the coconut milk and the combination of spices, and the fact that everything was easily available.

To make it, first the onions and garlic are sauteed, followed by adding the spices and then finally the tomatoes and water. It’s simmered for 15 minutes and then pureed. This recipe makes a lot of soup: the tomatoes, the water, plus a can of coconut milk add up. It lasted 4-5 lunches for 2 people.

*When I first tasted the soup, I was very disappointed. It was watery and bland, and really the worst-tasting soup I’d ever made. After adding salt, things improved, but I still was not overly impressed with it. I should have trusted my instinct and not added that much liquid, and if I did, it should’ve been stock, not plain water. I thought the coconut milk would add a lot of silkiness and texture, but it was drowned out by the other liquid.

Nevertheless, the soup was not inedible and we did enjoy it in the end. I especially like to pair it with a slice of German bread and frischkäse.

(NB: The photo is not the best.)


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