Avocado Smoothie

This post represents my first in a new category on this blog: drinks.

Avocado smoothie — even the title sounds delicious (to me at least). I’d seen various recipes for them before, but never tried one. So, in an effort to experiment more with smoothies and healthy breakfast drinks this summer (more to come), I decided to make one. The recipe I used is here, from The Traveler’s Lunchbox. It calls for 1 avocado, 1 cup milk, 4 tbsps sweetened condensed milk {I used 2.5}, flavouring of your choice {I used vanilla}, plus ice.

Unfortunately this drink was very disappointing for me — it ended up more being like dessert than breakfast. It was quite simply FAR too sweet for my tastes; I couldn’t take more than two sips. I knew the condensed milk would be sweet, but I underestimated how sweet. The recipe called for 4 tbsp of it; I used 2.5, and I think it needed 0.5 at best. It was also not cold enough (I used 4 ice cubes but obviously that wasn’t sufficient), which contributed to the slight putridness of it. Unfortunately I made this in the very early morning before H. got up, so I wasn’t able to get a second opinion, but I think he would agree.

I will keep on and try making other avocado smoothies and experience with other ingredients, but this particular one was unfortunately disappointing.

Finished, overly sweet, product.

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