Butter Chicken, take 2

I love a good butter chicken — the ultimate Indian comfort food. Usually when I make it, I use this version, from 50 Great Curries of India, a book that I borrowed off a friend in Germany (I’m still cooking from its photocopied splattered pages).

A couple of weeks ago (I am behind with posts!), I decided it was time to try a new version of a classic and turned to a long-bookmarked butter chicken, another delicious writeup & meal from The Traveler’s Lunchbox (scroll down for the recipe).

Butter chicken is work-intensive at the best of times, and this one definitely took up more time than I thought. {Conclusion: too elaborate for a weekday meal}. This version is more work than the one I first made: the marinade is a two-step process (H. fortunately did this during the day while I was at work). When ready to eat, you bake the chicken, make the sauce separately, and combine to finish.

The recipe calls for boneless thighs on a skewer. I altered this slightly and baked the thighs (bone-in) in the oven for about 45 mins.

We had it with Basmati rice and (store-bought) naan bread — making it by hand is just too time-consuming for a weekday meal. The chicken won the approval of both grandfather and boyfriend, but for me, it did not have as much flavour as my usual version. I will go back to my old recipe and continue to try new ones, but this one fell a bit short to make it my “go-to” butter chicken.


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