Sweet Potato, Quinoa, & Black Bean Chili

This post on The Kitchn caught my eye — it sounded like a delicious combination, and I was not disappointed. Yes, chili is not really a summer dish, but it’s been going between sunny & 25 and rainy & 10 here, so it’s still ok in my books. ūüėČ

Making this chili/stew is really easy. I ended up using canned black beans instead of dried, which cut down on the simmering time since they obviously did not have to soften. I probably simmered it for about 30-40 minutes in total, putting in the sweet potatoes first, followed by the quinoa and then beans, which was enough to bring out the flavours yet not turn the beans and potatoes into mush. The recipe made enough for 2-3 lunches (for one) and a main meal (for two), which is great.

Side note: I am frequently disappointed with the taste of canned tomatoes but don’t really have an alternative. Fresh out of the garden really are ideal, but I’ll have to wait till later on in the summer for that. I could also make my own diced tomatoes, but I find the tomatoes in-store don’t taste a whole lot better either. I also can’t afford to buy organic all the time, so as a solution I find myself adding a lot of spice in order to make up for their bland taste.


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