Balsamic Raspberry Galette

What is a galette, you may ask? Find out more info here.

I saw this post on the blog Design Crush (which is fantastic, by the way) and knew I had to try it. What initially attracted me to it was the intriguing combination of berries and balsamic vinegar — not something I would’ve ever paired myself, but really interesting. The occasion to try it came up two weekends ago now, when H. & I were invited to a BBQ and I was responsible for dessert. Normally I do not make anything new for dinner parties in case it flops, but what is life if not an opportunity to take risks sometimes ;), so I decided to give it a go.

I am pleased to report that it turned out well. The great thing about this dessert is that it looks like you’ve spent hours preparing it but it is really very simple. The recipe uses blackberries, but I used raspberries, which was fine. To make, you first soak the berries for an hour in 2 tbsp each sugar and balsamic vinegar. After straining, you roll out your pie crust, place berries in a pile in the middle, and then fold in the edges (my folding and pinching is courtesy of H., who possibly was a baker in a previous life), baste with an egg, and then bake for 40 mins at 375F. I used store-bought pie base which by now I am not embarrassed to admit — so much easier and a lot less hassle. (If you do buy, make sure to get fresh and not frozen crusts so you are able to shape and form it yourself).

The only issue was that the galette decided to explode (ok, more like ooze and seep) in the oven. The result was that it was a tad soggy initially and thus difficult to move from the baking sheet to portable cake carrier, thus causing it to break even more. I let it cool completely and then we heated it up later that night and it was fine (not soggy). With a little whipped cream, the taste is really different and very refreshing. It’s not very sweet at all — in fact, I could’ve added more sugar and suggest you do if the tartness of berries isn’t to your liking.

This dessert went down really well and is definitely something I’ll be making again — hopefully perfecting it in the process.

Raspberries marinating in balsamic vinegar and sugar.
Messy, finished tart.

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