Oat & Flax Energy Bites

I was first introduced to these energy bites by one of my colleagues. I couldn’t believe how good they tasted and with so few (relatively healthy) ingredients. Of course, I had to try making them myself.

I’d never bought flax seed or shredded coconut before, but found them easily at the grocery store. Preparation was very easy. The only glitch was that I found they didn’t stick easily and were more difficult to roll into balls than I thought they’d be. At first I tried adding a bit more honey, but that didn’t work very well. I asked my colleague the next day whether she’d had the same problem, and she said you have to press the balls into your hand really hard in order to make them stick. Take note if you decide to make these!

No photo, unfortunately, so look to the one on the link I posted for inspiration.

I will make these over and over again. It is one of my new staples (along with berry galettes – made two more again on the weekend with strawberries in one and blueberries & raspberries in other and they were delicious;  avocado carpaccio – have had this multiple times since trying it for the first time and still obsessing; quinoa & avocado salad – made last weekend for a BBQ and was even better than the first time; and tortilla pizzas).


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