Strawberry Basil Scones

Strawberry season (any berry season really) in NS is one of my favourite times of year. It’s just coming to the end of it and we’ve been enjoying berries as much as possible. There are two containers of them sitting 3 feet away and I can smell them from here. I’ve had several scone recipes bookmarked since May, when I was searching for ones to make for Mothers’ Day brunch. I didn’t make these ones then as the strawberries weren’t local, and decided to save it for later in the summer.

No matter what the recipe, as I am mixing and/or kneading batter/dough, I have a sinking feeling that I’ve done something wrong almost every single time. I am not the most confident baker. These turned out alright though. I thought they would be too dry, but they were fine.

The scones are not overly sweet (only 1/4 cup of sugar – I didn’t make the glaze) and make a perfect breakfast item or snack. I took half of them to an off-site project I was working on one day and they went over very well.


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