Goat Cheese Twists

This summer we have been spending as much time as possible in Sandy Cove. One of the traditions there during the summer months is weekly Saturday afternoon garden parties. They’re very relaxed affairs, BYOB and snacks.

While looking online for something easy to make for the garden party this past weekend, I came across this recipe on the House and Home website. They have a great recipe finder that allows you to search for something specific, and they also have great grouped recipes. What I like about cooking from this site is that the choice is somewhat paired down: when you search for ‘shrimp recipes’ for example, you get about 15 delicious, manageable-sounding dishes, not 300 hits that you have to sift through.

I figured you can’t really go wrong with goat cheese and pastry and I was right. Initially, however, these were a bit awkward to make. I didn’t take the puff pastry out of the freezer in time (recipe calls for ‘slightly thawed but still firm’), so I had to microwave it a bit to be able to roll it out, and it was a bit messy. However, that was the most difficult part. Assembling the filling and then twisting them together was actually far easier than I imagined. I prepared the twists mid-morning and then baked them in two batches just before the party, and they turned out well – slightly overdone on the bottom, but still very good.

These were delicious and very popular — gobbled up in minutes at the party. They were however quite buttery, and not exactly the world’s healthiest snack by any means, but perfect for a treat. Now that I’ve made these once, I’d definitely make them again as I know they’d take me half the time the next time around.

Half of the twists.


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