July 2012 Favourites

It’s been a full year since, inspired by Heidi’s lists on 101 Cookbooks, I started the favourites section of the blog (take a look at all of my lists here). My cooking posts this month have been a little on the thin side, but here’s a nice list for July:

— Nice roundup of tourism-related London highlights. Love the layout & design.

— A few newly-discovered cooking blogs I like: The Bite House, Kitchen Vignettes, Roost, What’s Cooking Good Looking, & Verses from My Kitchen.

— Take this quiz to help plan your BBQs and summer parties.

Semicolons: A Love Story. As a grammar nerd and self-professed lover of the semi-colon, I like this.

Dreamy vacation rentals (one day, maybe).

— Would love to own these wine glasses.

—  Books I’ve enjoyed recently and would recommend: The Namesake {a longstanding recommendation that I finally read}; The Privileges {a brilliant novel about indulgence and love}; & Gone Girl {also about love, but in thriller form}. See my Goodreads page for more of what I’m reading.

Fantastic, inspiring photography.

— Cute video.

— Smart and doable DIY ideas!


2 thoughts on “July 2012 Favourites

  1. KJ 07/08/2012 / 2:11 pm

    Love the DYI Ideas!!! ❤

    • K.M. 07/08/2012 / 4:09 pm

      I knew you would! Almost posted it on your wall too. I am excited to try some of them once I am in (more) permanent housing situation!

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