Peach Tart

This is the first of two things that I’ve made from the “Best You’ll Ever Have” series on the great blog A Cup of Jo (a report on the blueberry muffins coming soon). The peach tart grabbed me for its simplicity, and let’s not kid ourselves, the photos are lovely. (The recipe comes from The Forest Feast, which I’ve also started following and has loads of great ideas not to mention a great premise).

I’ve said before that I’m not really a baker and the gaffes I made while making this tart are proof. I found the tart (tarts actually) really finicky, and it came out looking nothing like the gorgeous one in the photo. Problem #1: I used premade pie crust and didn’t let the first one thaw enough before I tried to mold it. Result: it broke apart in a few spots. I thought I was doing better with the second one, as I allowed it time to thaw, but then {Problem #2} I absentmindedly assembled the tart on a surface other than the baking sheet, and had to move it. Result: It broke in two pieces (not pictured!), so the second one turned into two turnover-, pastry-type looking things.

The tarts were good, but not amazing. The ricotta didn’t add as much as I expected, which was a bit disappointing. Nevertheless, served with a bit of whipped cream or vanilla ice cream, they are a good option for a relaxed summer dessert.



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