Best Condiment Ever: Cilantro-Lime Mayo

It’s somewhat odd that I’m singing the praises of something that I probably never would have tried if I’d known mayonnaise was the main ingredient. I am NOT a mayo fan. I never eat  it, other than with tuna. I find its taste to be very processed and just not to my liking. It’s sort of a dead food condiment to me.

However, this cilantro-lime mayonnaise is DELICIOUS. I first had this when my aunt made scallop cakes and I’ve made it a few times since. I make it without the hot sauce and it’s still very good. It’s great not only with seafood but also with potatoes and roasted vegetables!

Here’s a variation: cilantro yogurt. And for more ways to spice up mayo, see this post from The Kitchn.


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