On the Road (again)

Our summer in Nova Scotia has been fantastic from start to finish: weekends in Sandy Cove, weddings, sunshine, beaches, sailing, lots of family time, etc etc. It’s all gone by so quickly and now I’m in my last week of work. It makes me sad to think about leaving my home, but I know it’ll always be here to come back to. We are moving to London in September, where I will be starting my PhD. I will be a poor student in one of the most expensive cities in the world, but it will be an adventure worth doing.

I am looking forward to living in the UK again, and getting back to some of my favourites: the broadsheets, the TV (Downton Abbey and Come Dine With Me, anyone?), Marks and Spencers, and country pubs. ūüôā It will also be nice to, dare I say it,¬†put down slightly more permanent roots in a city I know I’ll be in for three years (that hasn’t happened since 2005).

From a culinary standpoint I can’t think of a more exciting city to be in and I look forward to discovering corners of London and expanding my “foodie” horizons.

Expect the blog to be quiet throughout September as H. and I travel back to Europe and get settled in our new city.

Here are a few pics from our trip there in January 2011:


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