Tomato & Feta Risotto

Happy September and hello from Budapest! {pronounced Buda-pescht}

For (H.’s) professional reasons, we’ve spent a few days here in Budapest before our  move to London. We’ve rented an apartment so that we can make meals here ourselves and enjoy a more ‘authentic’ Hungarian experience. Working in a temporary kitchen with limited cookware, you have to get creative in terms of what to make. H. would happily have bread & cheese every night for supper but most of the time I prefer to make something; it doesn’t have to be fancy.  Trolling through my bookmarks a few nights ago {cookbooks are in boxes and suitcases in another country}, I came across this risotto recipe from the blog The Wednesday Chef and decided to give it a try.

It’s funny to think that when I first started this blog, risottos seemed very foreign and difficult and a lot of work, and now I count them in the “easy to whip up” category. I like that: it means I’m progressing in the kitchen!

Risottos aren’t really summer food {and believe me, it is DEFINITELY still summer here}, but as far as they go this one is fairly light and uses a late summer ingredient that’s in season, so why not. The ingredients to buy were fairly limited: rice, tomatoes, wine, stock cubes, and cheese. I also used parsley instead of oregano. This risotto was easy to make, with the exception of grating the tomatoes. I was using a small grater and it took longer than expected. I also chopped one tomato up and added it in for a bit of a variation on texture.

The pictures of the risotto did NOT turn out well, so I’ll leave you with this picture of some of the ingredients:

Yes, that is wine in a Bailey’s glass (no wine glasses in the apartment!).

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