Apple, Cinnamon, & Almond Swirls

This is the first fall baking I’ve done, although it’s not true baking as I used store-bought puff pastry.

This is another recipe from delicious magazine. I can’t find the recipe on the website, but I have found it replicated on this blog (it says March 2012 issue although it’s Australian which would explain why I saw it in October’s here).

The swirls (or Schnecken as I kept calling them – German for “snails”) are not difficult to prepare but the layering and ‘rolling up’ of the pastry is slightly tedious. Essentially, you layer three sheets of puff pastry; between each layer is a butter-cinnamon/sugar mixture, and then the apples, almonds, and more cinnamon sugar go on top. After it’s assembled, you roll it up with the long side, and then cut into individual  ‘swirls’ (that required a bit of practice to get right). The recipe calls for flaked almonds but I only had whole so ground and toasted them.

These proved very popular with H. and me and also his parents who were visiting. They’re not too sweet and work as breakfast, a dessert, or a snack.

Second half of swirls.


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