October 2012 Favourites

October. What a month. A full narrative would take me days to write. Let’s just say there hasn’t been any London-exploring, pumpkin-carving, or dressing up on this end. :/ Nevertheless, HAPPY HALLOWEEN, and here are a few links:

— For coffee lovers like me, this is brilliant. (via Passable)

Food Quartlerly

— Lovely article on books.

— I recently read Anthony Bourdain’s Kitchen Confidential. Before reading I didn’t know much about him, other than seeing him occasionally on Top Chef. I still think he’s extremely egotistical and self-centred, but the book is absolutely fascinating if you know very little about the restaurant industry (which I didn’t). His newer one Medium Raw is definitely on my list.

— Saveur’s The Essential Italy: the stuff of dreams.

Calm.com (via swissmiss, I think)

Autumn soups from The Kitchin.

— Charles Bukowski on writing. Even though I am not writing fiction I always read anything I can on the writing process.

— Index to the NY Times Magazine Food & Drink issue. Particularly love this.


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