Mushroom Pearl Barley ‘Risotto’

In some ways, it seems silly to post separately about this dish when in fact much of it is very similar to this mushroom risotto, a dish I first posted about a year and a half ago and have made many times since. The change in this case, of course, is not using rice but pearl barley. This is an ingredient that seems to be cropping up a lot lately. I don’t know if it’s a trend or whether I’ve just noticed it more.

The recipe is based on this one from delicious. magazine. I made a couple of changes. I didn’t use Tesco’s “Creamy Garlic Mushroom” pack (pre-seasoned vegetables do not get my stamp of approval!). Unfortunately I could only find button mushrooms, but sauteed them first before making the barley and added them in at the end. Also, I love blue cheese but didn’t have any, so used feta.

I’m glad I tried this way but I have to admit that I prefer traditional risotto. The barley was very chewy and its harder texture really stood out.

Please be patient with my sub-par pictures — my camera and battery charger are still at the bottom of a box somewhere!

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