November 2012 Favourites

The days have shortened and winter is upon us, although we haven’t had any snow here in London so far. November has been a slightly less hectic month than October and we’re starting, sort of, to fall into a routine. Stay tuned for lots more to come in December, as I am behind with my posts.

Waterlow Park, London
Waterlow Park, London

On listening. Beautiful.

-You can never be without something to read with lists like this.

-A dream Thanksgiving (can easily be adapted to Christmas!) from Design Crush.

Colin Farrell on The Talks. (My favourite lines: on city vs. country, “people tend to be more self-centered even though they are more crushed together” and “Where I come from is very important to me”).

In praise of slow cooking from Jay Rayner. And here’s the Guardian’s best Christmas recipes in an interactive form.

The Fixer’s Manifesto. Number 6 is hitting home right now.

All hail the sweet potato. Yes!

-The British Larder now has a cookbook.

And quote, of the month…

“He thinks, I remembered you, Thomas More, but you didn’t remember me. You never even saw me coming.”
― Hilary Mantel, a chilling line from the brilliant Wolf Hall, which I read this month.


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