Ottolenghi’s Sweet Potato Gratin

Hi from Germany, where we’ve been, after a great deal of travel mayhem, since Monday morning.
I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas.

The only word for this dish is heavenly. That is, if you like sweet potatoes. This recipe is another from Yotam Ottolenghi’s first book, Ottolenghi {recipe also available online here}.

I won’t write much about this because it will either grab you instantly (if you are sweet potato-obsessed, like me), or you’ll skim over it if it doesn’t suit you.

It’s easy to make: slice the sweets potatoes, douse them in a combination of olive oil, garlic, seasoning and herbs, and roast them — first covered (45 minutes) and then uncovered (20 minutes) with the addition of approximately 1 cup/240mL cream (adjust to taste). *Note: depending how many potatoes you use, they might need less time in the oven. You want them to be very soft & tender at the end, so keep an eye on them.

H. found it a bit too rich but I absolutely adored this! It IS rich, and thus not something you can eat every day but served with a simple green salad I found it to be the perfect meal.

20dec 002


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