December 2012 Favourites

I’m posting my last favourites list of 2012 a bit early, as I’m going to be without regular internet access for the next few days visiting friends.

— I don’t like the label of ‘women-required reading,’ but there is lots of good stuff here.

— A collection of holiday (winter) drinks from Design Crush.

— Couldn’t believe the difference in jeans (via Gala Darling).

— I was shocked to open my December issue of Saveur and see this writeup on Bavaria!

— Love the design of this food journal.

— Giant rubber duckie floating down the Thames – oh yes!

— The Economist‘s books of the year.

— A lovely collection of winter salads from Buzzfeed. I’ve bookmarked a few.

— My “foodie” Christmas gifts that I was very lucky to receive this year: the cookbooks Jerusalem and the The British Larder Cookbook, and a subscription to delicious. magazine!

A quote for December…

What an enormous privilege it is to experience this full-spectrum of wild dreams and quiet repose, to have the sparkle and the hum and the quiet and the subdued, all rolled up into one human life.

Dana Velden, The Kitchn

And a photo…

It's been a warm and rainy Christmas in northern Germany.
It’s been a warm and rainy Christmas in northern Germany.


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