Parsnip & Thyme Loaf (+ some exciting news)

I both love and loathe making bread and this is the perfect example of the latter, unfortunately!

This recipe is found in my River Cottage Every Day book. Since I’ve been on a parsnip kick lately I decided to try this loaf. It was a classic case of read entire recipe before beginning. Problem: I did not have self-raising flour, so opted instead to use regular + a bit of yeast. Big mistake. The bread did not rise and, disappointingly, came out stodgy. It was still edible but not great.

I will make this again at some point using the proper flour and report back again.

Onto the news….. no, no engagements or anything of that sort. It’s blog-related: I’m very pleased to say that the quality of photos on this blog just got a lot better! My partner in crime H. has now become the photographer (and he happens to have a new camera!). Taking good photos was a struggle with old, sub-par equipment so I am really pleased and excited about this development. 🙂

Loaf appears smaller than it actually was.
Loaf appears smaller than it actually was. 😉

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