Prawn Ravioli {Valentine’s Day Part 2}

{Part 1 here}

For our main meal, I wanted to purchase something we wouldn’t usually buy. I originally wanted crab, but the fishmonger didn’t have any, so we went with shrimp instead. I got the idea of making the ravioli from this beautiful post on a blog I recently discovered called Manger.

Before we even started we encountered our first problem: the shrimp H. bought were unpeeled with the heads still on! We spent an hour peeling and washing them and the ‘meat’ we got out of it was not really enough to make it worthwhile. However this being Valentine’s Day, one has to accept one’s partner’s mistakes, and we soldiered on!! ūüôā

I stayed fairly true to the recipe I linked to, but did make a few changes. First was the filling. Sadly, I do not have a food processor and thought that simply by¬†vigourously¬†combining the ingredients, it would still be alright. The taste was not bad, but the texture was off: there’s a reason that ravioli fillings are generally smooth!¬†Also, we used all of our shrimp for the ravioli (there was actually enough for two meals), so did not fry the rest as in the recipe. I thus incorporated the carrots into the virgin sauce which worked really well. H. is the pasta-maker and used his own recipe (in German).

Aside from the filling texture issue (our fault), the ravioli and salad were tasty. The sauce (not really visible as a ‘sauce’ in the pic), with the garlic, tomatoes, and pine nuts, was absolutely delicious.

shrimp rav 2


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