Breakfast: Baked Mushrooms & Eggs

I wanted to squeeze in a final post this week as I have a backlog and will be without internet the next couple of days!

If you’re a mushroom fiend like me, this one’s for you. It’s also the perfect weekend breakfast served with strong coffee and some toast if you desire. It is dead easy to make as well: saute desired amount of mushrooms (keep in mind they’re going to shrink quite a bit – although if you love mushrooms you already know that!). Then transfer the mushrooms into an oven proof dish, break desired number of eggs on top (I used 3 split between the two of us), and simply place in the oven until your desired doneness is achieved. Top with a little pepper and shaved Parmesan.

Mine was in the oven just slightly too long, resulting in a little more rubbery eggs that I would have preferred (however, better than the alternative, runny yolks, which I cannot stand!).

Original recipe here.

Mushroom eggs


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