Cauliflower, Cheddar, & Bacon Risotto

The Saturday Guardian has a new section called Cook. It’s largely reader submissions, but it’s fun to thumb through and see if anything catches your eye, which this one did about a month ago. This recipe (originally “cauliflower cheese and bacon risotto” – I added a comma!) comes from Paul Harvey of Brighton.

As far as risottos go, this is probably one of the easier ones I’ve made. To make, you simply cook both the cauliflower and bacon before preparing a risotto as normal. Add in the cauliflower, bacon, and cheddar at the end, and top with some chives (my addition). Note: Paul suggests using milk in place of stock. I was dubious about this as I thought it would be creamy enough with the addition of the cheese. I ended up compromising and alternated between stock and milk. Contrary to what he says, I don’t think the milk is necessary.

Both H. and I loved the risotto. The combination is excellent and very addictive (it did feature in the moreish section!). It also would be, dare I say, an excellent way to ‘hide’ vegetables if you had veggie-averse children (I do not).

Paul suggests rolling balls of leftover risotto and frying coated in breadcrumbs for leftovers – if you have any. We didn’t but it sounds like a great idea for next time.

cauli risotto


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