Aubergine Parmigiana

This week has been one of the most exhausting in recent memory. I attended my first academic conference – three full days of listening, thinking, introducing myself to strangers, and explaining my research over and over – and managed to come down with a cold on day 1 of it! It has been a slow recovery in part because I have had no rest and am facing an ever-increasing to-do list. Anyway, enough complaining and onto the subject of the post! I first saw this recipe on the Guardian but was reminded of it recently when A Little Bird (one of my favourite blogs) wrote about it.

I have to admit making this was more labourious than I anticipated. I won’t copy out the recipe since it’s perfectly clear in the link, but it’s a three-step process with the aubergines (sounds a bit better than eggplant, n’est pas?): salting/draining, frying, and baking. The frying took a long time, partly because I cut up the aubergines smaller than the recipe recommends. It also used a LOT of oil, since they soak up liquid in seconds.

I felt that the end product tasted a little oily (read: unhealthy) which is not a surprise considering the frying and cheese. I normally like ‘dressing up’ what are an otherwise slightly dull vegetables, but in this case it went too far on the not-healthy spectrum. Despite that, we both enjoyed the dish (H. in particular). I am not in a rush to make it again but probably will at some point and will try boiling the aubergines instead of frying – that may make a difference. For vegetarian comfort food at its finest, this is a good end-of-winter dish sure to please most members of your household!




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