A Month of Meals

The number one key to motivation in the kitchen, in my opinion, is inspiration. Although it is not normally a problem for me, I sometimes fall into the habit of old favourites. I’ve read that one way of combating this is to keep track of what you eat for a month and refer back to it. So, that’s what I did. March was atypical in that I managed to eat out FIVE nights in a row, mostly due to the fact that I was away for a conference in Wales for three days. Also, my dad was visiting for a week and we ate out twice then. That NEVER happens, trust me! We eat out on average I’d say once a month (and it’s never splashy). This list also gives you an idea of how often I replicate stuff I’ve previously made on the blog and how often I try new things. I went a few days into April to make up for the eating out.

V=veggie; bolded=new recipe

1st: Spaghetti
2nd: Sweet potato & chickpea curry (V)
Sunday 3rd: Sweet potato salad
4th: Cauliflower, cheddar, & bacon risotto
5th: Creamy mushroom pasta & side salad (V)
6th: Sweet potato gratin & salad (V)
7th: Salad (mixed greens) (V)
8th: Pad Thai
9th: Senegalese peanut soup (V)
Sunday 10th: Pork roast
11th: Fryup –> free range sausages, potatoes, mushrooms, & tomatoes
12th: Indian takeaway
13th: Ate out (Yalla Yalla)
14th: Homemade sweet potato fries & salad (V)
15th: Ate out
16th: Orange and balsamic chicken with rice and salad
Sunday 17th: Kisir (V)
18th: Cauliflower fritters (V)
19th: Aubergine & parmesan bake (V)
20th: Ham & cheese sandwich (the old classic)
21st: H.’s meatballs
22nd: Ate out (Central & Co.)
23rd: Ate out (Chinatown)
Sunday 24th: (Wales) Ate out (Bill’s)
25th: (Wales) Ate out (takeaway sandwich)
26th: (Wales) Ate out (Wagamama)
27th: H.’s Chili con carne
28th: Pad Thai
29th: Veggie version of amazing chicken & tomato curry, with chickpeas instead of chicken (V)
30th: Cauliflower gratin and side salad (V)
Sunday 31st: Easter –> Mustard & orange pork tenderloin with roasted veg and mashed potatoes
1st April: Leftover pork, potatoes, and salad
2nd April: Homemade chicken nuggets, sweet potato fries, & spinach salad
3rd April: Creamy mushroom penne with tomatoes and Parmesan (V)
4th April: Leftover penne with leftover pork
5th April: Chickpeas, spinach, & honeyed sweet potato (V)


4 thoughts on “A Month of Meals

  1. Karin 12/04/2013 / 9:59 am

    Good Lord, Kate!! How do you manage to cook these wonderful fresh meals every day???? I am really stunned by this. Amazing!! I think we so often make the same stuff (we have a staple shopping list to start with and do one big weekly shop, supplemented by a butcher, baker and organic veg shop visit once during the week for me and the little girl). I guess it’s easier for us to do same-same things as I am happy if I get anything fresh cooked going at all, so I don’t have to search for new recipes or amend the shopping list too much…but really, good on you!!! 😀 xxx

    • K.M. 12/04/2013 / 4:03 pm

      Well, thank you! But, I should point out that not all of them are fresh, i.e. using fresh ingredients. It is a challenge since we do not have a large supermarket near us (15 mins on the tube/25 by bus), so we order most pantry items online (very big in the UK) and buy fresh ingredients as we need them when we’re out and about. Or do you mean fresh as in non-pre-prepared meals? The aforementioned no supermarket near by means that anything we buy frozen will thaw before we get it home. :/ It’s more that than anything, to be honest!

  2. Karin 16/04/2013 / 9:04 pm

    Wowza!! Ordering food online – crazy! But handy. I meant cooking from scratch everyday!! 🙂

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